About Us

Who we are

We are a young startup lead by passionate people. With the help of Buzzaroundme you will not miss any of your favourite Conference/Exhibition/Workshops..

What is buzzaroundme:

Buzzaroundme.com events discovering platform. It recommends events (Conferences, Exhibitions, Workshops, etc.) based on your favorite personality, interest, industry, brands, company and city

Benefits of using buzzaroundme

The website enables you to

  • Reach your target audience in multiple ways.
  • Promote your event in multiple sections of the website, namely.
  • Events listing page
  • City Page
  • Venue page
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors pages
  • Interest page
  • Speakers page
  • Connect with event attendees, speakers, exhibitors, venue owners and other stakeholder before, during and after the event.
  • Put together your social tools like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Slideshare etc.

How to get started:

It is simple and easy.

  • Sign-in using your Facebook ID
  • Find event venue page.
  • Add event
  • Add sponsors, exhibitors, speakers, photos, videos etc.
  • Promote event by inviting Facebook friends, posting on Facebook and Twitter.

How to make most of it:

Make your event a grand success by using buzzaroundme before, during and after the event by

  • Creating awareness
  • Creating Interest
  • Connecting and Engaging
  • Selling Tickets

For more details email to sales@buzzaroundme.com